Saynab Moallim


SMF, waa urur samofal oo taageera caafimaadka iyo waxbarashada hooyada iyo dhallaanka Soomaaliyeed.

About Us

Saynab Moallim Foundation (SMF) is a new organization established on January 27th, 2018 in Mogadishu, Somalia to promote health and education for mothers and children in Somalia. The foundation is a non-profit, non-government, and non-political organization that will serve the public regardless of religion, gender, class or creed, or political affiliation. The foundation is planning to operate in all the states of Somalia and has branded itself after a comprehensive strategic plan workshop designed for the years 2018-2023.

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Organizational Objectives

SMF believes that mothers and children in Somalia have the right to have suitable health and mental care.


To work with policy makers to ensure that emergency obstetric care is a priority in national health plans and assists its partners and governments with assessments, training, and logistics.


To increase awareness of the rights of the mother and children to have a high quality health care


To build Mother Child Health(MCH) centers all over the states of Somalia to make it easy for access and to offer free services for those who can’t afford.


To help prevent transmission of communicable diseases especially marginalized communities.

Our Work

Muqdisho, Ogoosto 28, 2021; Marwada Koowaad ee Dalka Marwo Saynab Cabdi Macallin oo xarigga ka jartay isbitaalka hooyada iyo dhallaanka magaalada Baraawe …

Muqdisho, Diseembar 27, 2021; Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Muqdisho Mudane Cumar Maxamuud Maxamed ayaa maanta xariga ka jartay dhismaha xarun caafimaad …